alteredcarbon (alteredcarbon) wrote in hamiltonparkour,

Jackson meet

So it seems that a night at the pub and some demonstrations results in a group of people really interested in the crew. I think we have about 10 people now? Anyway, the meet has been decided on for sunday, 1 pm on the roof of Jackson square. MSN me or call me and we will decide where, but if we go down in groups I'm sure we'll meet up somewhere. Anyway, Steve, sorry about it being sunday instead of saturday, but I can run with you then for a bit if you want, it just seems that everyone else can make it sunday. From now on I'll try to plan meets for saturday at 12-3pm, as most people are in the city on saturdays. Right. Taylor, Steve, Alex, Chris, Moses, it was nice running with you tonight, and I hope to see as many of you as possible on sunday.
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